A – Z Guide to Surviving the Summer Holidays in Sligo


Run out of ideas to keep the kids entertained? Don't despair…. we have the Mykidstime A-Z guide to surviving the School Summer Holidays!!


Check out the summer events and activities at The Model.


It's Summertime, so trips to the beach are essential! We have so many beautiful beaches in Sligo, if you can’t decide which beach to go to, check out our favourite beaches, put the names in a hat and have a lucky dip!


We have comprehensive Summer Camp information in County Sligo. Many camps run right throughout the summer and the choice of camps is superb, with sports, arts, surfing and music, there is something to suit every child's tastes.


Food always tastes nicer outdoors! Pack a picnic for days out or even in the garden. We have some delicious picnic recipes here. Also you can't beat a BBQ on a summer's evening. Keep an eye out in local supermarkets for special offers on BBQ essentials. Has anyone else noticed how kids tend to clear their plates when they eat outside?  Here are our favourite picnic places for families in Sligo.


Keep an eye on our events pages for what’s happening around Sligo. From shows and performances to workshops, festivals and picnics, there are some great things taking place this Summer in Sligo.


Organise playdates so the kids can keep in touch with their school friends. If you're entertaining your own kids what’s another one or two! Chances are they will entertain themselves and you can arrange for your kids to visit their friends house in return for a change of scenery.


Plan a games day. Arrange with family and friends and visit a local park or green and have a sports day.

Five-a-Side Football, Rounders, Egg and Spoon Races or whatever you prefer!

Pick up some cheap prizes or trophies in a Euro Shop and have a "prizegiving" and picnic afterwards. Good games to play outdoors.


If you're holidaying at home this year, be sure to read our Mykidstime Guide to Holidays in Ireland and check out our Family Friendly Accommodation suggestions for round the country and don't forget to see what other suggestions Mykidstime has for the county you plan to visit.


Play pretend and use your imagination! Camp out the back garden and pretend you're in the desert or jungle, visit a castle and pretend you're royalty or a knight from the olden days, the possibilities are endless…


You'll have the kids jumping with excitement if you show them some of the things we did as children. My kids just love when I draw and play hopscotch with them, a very cheap and easy way to keep them entertained, if you haven't done it yet, try it. Or you can get a long skipping rope and teach them how to skip with more than one person…. oh I remember the days!!


Let the kids into the kitchen and enjoy cooking together. We have loads of tasty family recipes, why not let the kids try a few (with supervision, of course!). It’s a great way to get children to try new foods if they have helped prepare it and also helping prepare a three course meal can entertain children for a whole afternoon.


Search our activities listings and check out our Top 10 Things to do in Sligo and our Things to do on a Rainy Day in Sligo. Decide which places you would like to visit this Summer and make a list! I do this and hang it on the fridge to remember and aim to visit one a week.


Keep mementos from your trips this summer, take plenty of photos, collect shells and stones, pick flowers. Let the kids pick their favourites and make a big, bright collage for their bedroom walls or a scrapbook. This will keep the kids busy for hours throughout the summer and is great for winding down time after a day out or on a rainy day afternoon.


Here are 15 Nature Activities for Kids, with other great ideas in our Science & Nature category.


Take a look at our suggestions for 7 fun Trips near Sligo. Pack a picnic in the car and head off to a beach or forest for a walk.


The perfect summer day activity! Visit one of the many Playgrounds in Sligo and let the kids tire themselves out then relax with a picnic.


During July and August it is hard to avoid queues when visiting the top tourist attractions in Sligo. If you're planning such an outing see if it’s possible to pre-book or otherwise get up early and be the first there!


Fingers crossed they will be few and far between, however, there is bound to be a few. We have Rainy Day activities for you to do, both out and about and at home.


In the pool or in the sea, one of the nice times of year to go swimming is in the summertime. Many local swimming pools extend and increase their family swim times during the holidays, check our list of Sligo swimming pools for more information.


If you're heading out for the day this Summer, why not try to leave the car at home and go with public transport! It’s much more exciting than the car for the little people and it saves the hassle of finding parking. Older kids could get involved with planning your itinerary and checking transport times.


You will find everything you need to keep the kids entertained here at Mykidstime, the only other information you need is an accurate weather forecast!


Why not be a tourist in Sligo and visit the places you never think of going to?


The latest summer movies at the cinema!

eXhausted, Yawn, ZZZZZZ

Summer is a time to relax and recharge, with all these suggestions to entertain the kids, fingers crossed they will sleep a little better and a little longer giving mums and dads a bit more rest too……. Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Have you got a suggestion for other Sligo parents for surviving the holidays?  Share it with us in the comments below.

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