Anne of Green Gables


‘Anne of Green Gables’ is one of the many books I remember reading and loving from my child hood. Its written by Lucy Maud Montgomery set in Canada and describes the antics of an orphaned, talkative, red-headed 11-year-old sent to a remote farm by mistake.

The farm in question ‘Green Gables’ in Avonlea is owned by a farmer and his sister – Matthew  and Marilla Cuthbert, even though Anne is initially not what they expected they soon learn to love her.


The book is beautifully written, set in the early 1900s it describes in great detail Green Gables and all Anne’s other surroundings; her feelings and the people she meets and adventures she gets into – a kind of female Tom Sawyer really. I originally read this book at the age of 12 and was enchanted by it. I have recently re-read it and am happy to say I was swept away all over again into a world of romance and wonder in the same way as I was all those years ago.

Wonderful in its innocence and splendour I recommend it to all young readers



Anne of Green Gables

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