August 08 Book Recommendations


This month’s recommendations by age group:

0 – 5 year olds   

Bill in a China Shop” by Katie McAllaster

Poor Bill! He is a Bull who loves fine china. But we know bulls and china don’t go together. Although with one exception, Bill is a perfect collector of china and only starts to break things when he is nervous. Let’s see what happens…

RRP €7.50
Tara price €6.50


Bill in a China Shop

6 – 8 year olds

Parrot Park” by Mary Murphy

By an Irish author.  Three short stories included int his title to build reading confidence.  All the Murphy’s live at Parrot Park.  Nothing stands still at number 53!  If you look closely, even the grass is quietly growing.

RRP €6
Tara price €5
One of the Walker StoriesSet, 6 books for €27.50

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 Parrot Park

8 – 10 year olds          

Grandad and John” by Jeanne Willis


Short novel with some illustrations and 128 pages. Beautiful story about a boy called John and his Grandad Bill. John and his grandad are very close and John asks I don’t need a Dad do I? Grandad’s the same as a Dad, only old. Humorous novel.

RRP €7.50      
Tara price  €6.50


Grandad and John

10 – 12 year olds

The Girl with the Broken Wing” by Heather Dyer

The twins are in bed when they hear noises and more clattering on the roof, then a tap on the window. It’s a girl with a broken wing and she’s come to stay. The twins have no idea who she is? Or where did she come from? She could be their guardian angel, but would an angel have filthy feet and snore?

RRP €7.50
Tara price €6.50

Other Books from Author: The Fish in Room 11 €6.50 and The Boy in the Biscuit Tin €6.50

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Girl with the Broken Wing



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