Book Recommendations Jul/Aug 2011


This month’s book recommendations for children by age group

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Book Recommendation for 0 – 5 year olds

Up and Down” by Oliver Jeffers

    A heart-warming story about friendship, love and reaching for your dreams, from highly-regarded, multi-award-winning author-illustrator Oliver Jeffers. The boy and the penguin  enjoy spending all their time together… That is, until the penguin starts to dream of flying, ignoring the boys advice that it is impossible.

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    Book Recommendation for 6 – 8 year olds

    Awkward Annie” by Julia Williams

    How would you like it if people thought you were awkward?  Mum and Dad call me Awkward Annie. I don’t think I’m awkward. Not really. They soon had to change their minds though on the day that Awful Aunt Aggie took us to the park, didn’t they? Brave Bella they call me now. Well, someone had to save the day…

    RRP €6.24
    Tara price €6.00

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    Book Recommendation for 8 – 10 year olds

    Tutankhamun” by Gill Harvey

    Howard Carter had spent 5 long years in the hot dry desert searching for the tomb of the ancient Egyptian boy-king Tutankhamun. When he ventured deeper into the tomb he found gold and treasure beyond his wildest dreams.


    RRP €6.24

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    Book Recommendation for 10 – 12 year olds

    This isn’t what it looks like” by Pseudonymous Bosch

    WARNING! Appearances can be deceptive…This book is NOT filled with ancient magic, mystical clairvoyants and the marvels of time travel.

    This is NOT a book detailing the latest top secret investigations of the Terces Society.

    You will NOT find stolen treasure, masked bandits and bloodthirsty knights between the pages of this book.

    RRP €7.50

    Tara price €7



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