Book Recommendations Nov/Dec 2010


This month’s book recommendations for children by age group

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Book Recommendation for 0 – 5 year olds

The Wildest Brother” by Cornelia Funke and Kerstin Meyer

Ben is a fearless young boy as brave as a lion and he protects his big sister, Anna, all day long. But when the day is over and darkness descends, it’s his sister who does the protecting. Just the story to settle wild brothers and sisters for bedtime.

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Book Recommendation for 6 – 8 year olds

Daisy and the Trouble With Kittens” by Kes Gray

Daisy is going on holiday! In an actual plane to actual Spain! It’s so exciting! She’s made so many new friends! Trouble is, five of them are small and cute and furry kittens!!!!

RRP €6.24
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Book Recommendation for 8 – 10 year olds

Honesty Wart Witch Hunterby Alan McDonald

Honesty Wart’s family are Puritans, which means certain things are strictly forbidden – like singing, dancing and anything to do with witchcraft. The Witchfinder General is coming to the village, what are they going to do about Grandma’s bedroom where she cooks up her spells.

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Book Recommendation for 10 – 12 year olds

The Montgomery Murderby Cora Harrison

In the mean streets of Victorian London lies the body of wealthy Mr Montgomery. The police must move fast to catch his killer. They need an insider, someone streetwise, cunning, bold… someone like Alfie.

RRP €8.74
Tara price €8.50

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