Brianóg Brady Dawson Author Profile


Brianóg Brady Dawson Author Profile

Brianóg Brady Dawson was born in County Sligo and grew up there. She now lives in Dublin with her husband and two children. She works as a primary school teacher.

Her first book, Granny’s Teeth, was published by The O’Brien Press as part of their new PANDA series in 1998. It became a No.1 Bestseller, and is now followed by six more Pandas – Granny Makes A Mess, Danny’s Smelly Toothbrush, Danny’s Sick Trick, Danny and Baby Do It All, Granny’s Secret, Danny’s Pesky Pet and Pageboy Danny. All eight books feature the mischievous Danny who always ends up in trouble, even when he’s trying to be good!

The Panda series are aimed at children age 5+ who are just beginning to read, and in Brianóg’s case it was an attempt to entertain her own children and to introduce them to stories they could read on their own that she began the Danny tales.

Since the success of Granny’s Teeth Brianóg has become a popular author visitor to schools and libraries throughout Ireland.



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