Bridge To Terabithia


I thoroughly enjoyed “Bridge to Terabithia”. Am I becoming soft in the head?

Let me explain. This is a summer feel-good movie for kids. Yes, a kids feel-good movie and, as I may have mentioned, I thoroughly enjoyed it.   What’s going on? I may even have shed a manly tear although that’s not definite and will not be discussed further. 

I took the 5 year old Darling Daughter (DD).  The DD had mentioned she wanted to go and see a different film, “Meet The Robinsons.”   I phoned my friend Ronan – a virtuoso mechanic – to ask his opinion on the matter. He informed me that, in his opinion, it was “hopelessly over-complicated” and went on to describe the movie as a “high budget, over-plotted fiasco”.  I shudder to think what he might have said had he actually seen the movie!

So we decided to revise our plans and the only alternative was Terabithia. So off we set. To the Eye one Saturday morning.  We paid our 4.50 each "early bird" special rates, picked up some excellent Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and in we went. 

From the start I was entranced. The DD was too. Like all kids (girls anyway) she loves fairytale, make believe stuff and this ticked all the boxes for her. Bridge to Terabithia is a beautiful story about two outsider kids (Jess and Lesley) who find friendship and ultimately love together.  

After school each day, they head out into the fantasy land they call Terabithia. They are the king and queen of the Terabithians and the sadness of the story lies in the fact that this fantasy is being driven by a lack of attention from within their own families.  As an escape from reality they head out into the woods and beyond into Terabithia and whatever their imaginations can conjure.

The film isn’t without it’s flaws but I loved it anyway. For example the portrayal of Lesley’s writer parents is pretty lame. They spend 95% of the movie ignoring her while they complete their respective "masterpieces" then, one day, tome complete, presumably, they decide to paint the living room gold and recruit Lesley and Jess into a bizarre, musical decorating party.

No matter. Overall the film was excellent. Well made, acted and emotionally engaging without being overpowering for young children.  

Also, it may interest some of you to know, the music teacher played by singer and recent entry into my collection of hilarious names – Zooey Deschanel – isn’t exactly hard on the eye.

The movie was adapted from Katherine Paterson’s novel of the same name so we stopped on the way home and managed to pick up a copy from our local library. The DD looked at me with what I took to be nothing short of awe in her eyes. For an all too brief moment I felt like Super Dad.  

"There is nothing – literally nothing”, I told her, “that cannot be achieved in the Summertime".


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