Clover Twig and the Incredible Flying Cottage


This book is about a young girl called Clover Twig.  She is part of a busy chaotic family that could really do with a bit of extra money.  To help the family, Clover applies for a job to clear a witch’s cottage in the woods.  But soon after arriving at the cottage, she discovers something amazing about the little house… it can fly!!  But when Clover unearths this secret, everything starts to unravel as Mrs Eckle’s evil sister (Mesmeranza) enters the scene.  This is when all the adventure begins.  Clover must think of a plan to both save the cottage and herself!  But can Clover rescue them all?  Or will they be trapped in Mesmeranza’s evil castle forever…?

The title of this book “Clover Twig and the Incedible Flying Cottage”, suggests a “cheesy” read but surprisingly it isn’t.  This story is a good laugh and fun to read and not at all like other stories about flying objects!

Rating: 9/10 – At times, the story-line was quite predictable. 

Favourite character: Althought I liked Clover Twig, sometimes I found her over fussy!  At the end of the story, Neville (the cat) became a strong character with a good personality.   He turned out to be very funny – in his own way!  As a result, Neville is my favourite character.

By Emma C aged 12

Clover Twig

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