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The Connacht Taekwon-do Academy is Galway’s premier family martial art center, and is now celebrating 21 years in existence, Chief instructor, Shane Fitzgibbon has been involved in Taekwon-do for nearly 30 years. The 6-time world champion is proud of the Academy’s legacy, and still hears, today, of the benefits his students have reaped many years ago. 

What is Taekwon-do?

Connacht Taekwondo Academy

Taekwon-do is a Korean martial art, a superb form of exercise and self-defence system. It is suitable for all ages, and we teach children as young as 5. There’s no upper age limit, and many parents have started training also. It is a great family activity for health and wellness.

Our classes develop the balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, agility, and endurance of our member through structured lessons. Self-confidence, leadership, and many other beneficial traits are typically developed also.

Why should children do martial arts?

Connacht TaekwondoSpecific benefits for children, as observed by their parents, include:  improved concentration, focus and patience. They enjoy all-round fitness from core strength to mobility and power, as well as speed and agility.

One parent has this to say,I find this organisation very inclusive, embracing different cultures, age groups, and the varying ability of children. All children progress through a curriculum where their achievements are recognised, but they do this at the pace that is most appropriate to them. They see that practice/work yields dividends which is a valuable lesson to learn in life. My two boys age 7 and 9 love their classes and are clearly motivated as they also practice between classes.”

Tell me about the Connacht Taekwon-do Academy and its instructors?

Connacht TaekwondoThe chief instructor is Shane Fitzgibbon, 6th degree black belt. He has been training for almost thirty years and coaching for over twenty. A 6-time World Champion in Taekwon-do and kickboxing and a certified Youth Strength and Conditioning coach, his experience is unmatched.

Lisa Connolly, 5th degree black belt is a European,  British and National champion. Her vocation to teaching, and mentoring children and adults in martial arts,  is second to none.

Both instructors are Garda vetted, first aid certified, and have undertaken the Irish Sports Council Code of Ethics and Children’s Child Protection course.

Who is Taekwon-do suitable for?

Anyone who is capable of engaging in physical activity, from age 5 upward.

Tell us in 5 words why parents should book classes with Connacht Taekwon-do

We care about your wellbeing.

If you are interested in joining a Taekwon-do class please contact Connacht Taekwon-do on 087-2070577 or visit

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