Cora Harrison


 Cora Harrison

Cora Harrison taught primary-school children for twenty-five years before moving to Kilfenora, County Clare, to live on a small farm where there used to be an Iron-age fort.

Cora writes:

“I was born in Cobh, County Cork, Ireland, but lived in Cork city for most of my life until I was twenty-one.




Me at seven

 Cora Harrison aged 7

When I was about seven years old, I became very ill and between the ages of seven and thirteen I hardly went to school.

I used to have to stay in bed at home, or in hospital, for weeks at a time. I used to pass the time making up stories.


I remember that I used to draw little figures dressed up in historical costumes and draw horses for them and I used to have my ladies and knights in armour riding from castle to castle through the humps and hollows of the bedclothes. 




My Grandson


Occasionally, I used to write out my stories, but I had very bad handwriting, and not too good spelling either, so mostly I just made them up.

When I was about fourteen, I recovered and began to attend school normally. I went to University College Cork and after I graduated I went to England.

I got married to Frank and had two children: William and Ruth.  Now I have one little grandson, Shane.

While my children were growing up, I became a primary school teacher and loved teaching history to the children.




My farm cottage


Some of my happiest memories are of making shields and armour of cardboard and then going to fight the Battle of Hastings at the very spot where it took place almost a thousand years ago. 


I really enjoyed my time teaching but I think that I enjoy writing stories even more. It still gives me a thrill to see my books in the shops!”



Cora’s Books: 

Age 10+  Drumshee Chronicles (4 Titles), Drumshee Timeline (10 Titles), Gorgeous, Dhá Chorp

Age 8+  Wolf in the Frozen Mist, Two Mad Dogs

Age 5+ Dragonfly’s (4 Titles)

All available on, search by author.


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