Crunch, Munch, Dinosaur Lunch! by Paul Bright



Crunch, Munch, Dinosaur Lunch! by Paul Bright

Author: Paul Bright, illustrator: Michael Terry

Ty Tyrannosaurus is the biggest, baddest dinosaur around, with his terrible roars and his big, big mouth and his enormous appetite. His little sister, Teri, absolutely adores him and follows Ty everywhere he goes. But when Ty goes hunting, Teri is a big, big problem. When Ty finally gets the message across that Teri is a pest, and stomps away leaving Teri to cry and howl alone, Teri nearly becomes another dinosaur’s lunch! That is, until big brother Ty save the day and discovers that, maybe, being adored by a pesky little sister isn’t so bad after all.

The bright, expressive illustrations create a lively, colourful land and perfectly illuminate the rhythmic text of this story. ‘Crunch, Munch, Dinosaur Lunch’ is an absolutely wonderful and humorous tale that exposes the trials and tribulations and triumph of the big brother – little sister relationship. Sure to become a firm favourite, especially for those families who find themselves living with sibling rivalry, I whole-heartedly recommend this brilliant picture book for the whole family to share.

Reviewed by Mary Esther Judy

Published by Little Tiger Press   ISBN: 9781845069872

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