Galway City River Walk


Looking for something different to do with the kids in Galway?  Visiting for the first time on a trip to Galway with your family? Why not take them on our Galway City River Walk and stretch the legs and see some of the sights at the same time!

An Easy Family Walk around Galway City

Start at the Millenium Playground next to the Cathedral.  Walk across the bridge which leads from the playground over the small canal (there are usually ducks here) and then walk round the back of the Cathedral, crossing over to the Salmon Weir Bridge  (watch out for traffic turning in towards the car parks by the Cathedral).

Cross the bridge on the right hand side and turn right immediately at the end of the bridge, followed by the first right before you reach Born Galway.  This walkway will take you down along the river Corrib (which will be on your right) and a small canal on the left.

There are usually ducks on the canal here.  You can walk all the way to the Spanish Arch and the city museum along this route, and on to the Claddagh and Salthill too (you can get the bus back again).

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Bridge to Bridge

When you reach the end of the walkway at William O’Brien Bridge, you can cross over Bridge St to continue on a further walkway until you reach Wolfe Tone Bridge with views over the Claddagh.

Take a right here and then left to continue (river on your left) down the Claddagh where you will find the famous swans.  There is also a playground and toilets at The Claddagh.

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Playground to Playground

Start at the Millenium Playground next to the Cathedral.  Exit the playground and walk away from the cathedral, then take the 1st left (at Wards Shop).  This brings you onto the Galway canal route and from here you can walk all the way along down to the Claddagh basin (stopping to look at the canal locks and the ducks).

There is a playground at the Claddagh, and if you still have energy to spare, you can keep walking along by the sea to Salthill, where there is another playground.

Easy for Tiny Feet

The whole route from Cathedral to Claddagh is easy for preschoolers and reasonably buggy friendly apart from the pavement along the Salmon Weir Bridge which is narrow.

Article written by Mary Kate Heaslip, mum of 2

Tell us in the comments below how you get on with the walk and what you enjoyed!

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