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October 20, 2011

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If your child has enjoyed one book they might enjoy the rest of the series. Patsy from Tara Book Company gives us some tips for choosing good book series for kids:
pandaThere has been a big increase in series fiction and non-fiction over the past 10 years, and not all of it for the good.

The trend with publishers in the United States and Canada seems biased in favour of series and this is reflected in the bookshops. Series are strongly branded, age graded and a parent can easily track what they’re children have read by the numbering system. The marketing of series books has made it easy for children and parents to choose age appropriate books.


However, many of these series are written by a team of writers and written to a formula. They lack originality, the characters are often not developed and the language used doesn’t always challenge the child. This trend also leaves less room for individual authors to get published and narrows the choice on offer. In their favour they can keep the reluctant reader reading .

An example of this is the Goosebumps series by RL Stine. The author is a pseudonym for a team of writers and not an individual. There were over 70 of these published, so some children were “stuck” on the series for over a year. Even if children are fans of a particular series they should be encouraged to read other more challenging books.

panda-cubsSeries by English and Irish publishers are either by a variety of named  authors or just one author, very few use teams of writers under a pseudonym or formula writing. These series are better because you get a variety of writing styles, and they don’t generally run in to large numbers so your child won’t be “stuck” for a period of time..

So Tell Us What is a Good Book Series for Kids

The list is long but here are some of the better series are:

Good Series Books for Ages 4 to 6                             

Panda Cubs, various authors, published by O’Brien Press

Green Bananas, various authors, published by Egmont

Leapfrog, various authors, published by Franklin Watts

Reading Corner Phonics, various authors, published by Franklin Watts

Hopscotch, various authors, published by Franklin Watts

Good Series Books for Ages 6 to 8

Pandas, various authors, published by O’Brien Press

Chimps, various authors, published by Childrens Press

Chameleons, various authors, published by A & C Black

Blue Bananas, various authors, published by Egmont

Sprinters, various authors, published by Walker Books

Good Series Books for Ages 8 to 10

Flyers, various authors, published by O’Brien Press

Spiderwick Chronicles, author Holly Black, published by Simon & Schuster

Walker Stories, various authors, published by Walker Books

Judy Moody, author Megan McDonald, published by Walker Books

Skylarks, various authors, published by Evans


Good Series Books for Ages 10 to 12

Harry Potter, author J.K. Rowling, published by Bloomsbury

Alex Rider, author Anthony Horowitz, published by Walker Books

Scream Street, author Tommy Dombavand, published by Walker Books

Skulduggery Pleasant, author Derek Landy, published by Harper Collins

My Sister the Vampire, author Sienna Miller, published by Egmont

All these titles are available to purchase online at or email for advice for your child

taralogo06Tara Book Co. are based in Kilcolgan, Co. Galway, Ireland, Visit them online at or tel: (091) 777005

Has your child enjoyed a particular series of books? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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