Ice skating fun in Ireland


Looking for something fun to do this Christmas Break with the kids?  How about some ice skating?

We have a list of places where to ice skate round Ireland:


Dublin – Dundrum on Ice

Penguins for small kids available at this rink in Pembroke Square, open daily until 30th January.

7Up Winter Wonderland

Ireland's winter park at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham has a covered ice rink, thrill rides and more.  Open until 8th January.


Galway – Ice Factor at Carlton Hotel

The Ice Factor’s rink occupies 600 square metres at the front of the hotel.  They will even come and get you, bring you skating, feed you and drop you home again!  Open until 8 January


Kildare – Newbridge Ice Factor

Ice skating on Eco-Ice at Newbridge Courtyard Shopping Centre. Open till 10pm. Runs till 31st January.


Kilkenny – Kilkenny on Ice

Some children's skates (double-blades) available and a limited number of skate-aids available for smaller children.  Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.  Open until 22nd January                                             

Limerick – Limerick on Ice

Limerick on Ice is back at Aurthur's Quay until the 8th January. Limited number of skate-aids available to find your feet.  Skate School on Sunday mornings.

Waterford – Waterford on Ice

Real Ice is in Waterford for the first time this year in the Merchants Quay Car Park. Family tickets available.  Runs until 8th January.