Indoor Activities in Limerick


Indoor activities are the perfect way of getting the kids some exercise when it's difficult to get out and about. Here are my some suggestions which will help to use up some of their endless energy!


Swimming is a great form of exercise for all ages.


Tenpin bowling can be enjoyed by people of all ages and is a light form of exercise and can be enjoyed at Funworld on the Ennis Road. They even have kiddie ramps for those bowlers who cannot swing the bowls!

Activity Centres are perfect on a wet cold day to keep the kiddies amused but also will keep them fit with all the running around!

We have Tons of Fun, Delta Adventure City, Formula for Fun and Funworld.

And of course there is that well known indoor exercise that we all know about, that's great for burning up endless energy – House Work! get them to clean their bedroom or help with the house work – some hope!

Read our Gym and Sport Complexes in Limerick article for other indoor classes



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