Jinx By Meg Cabot


Jean Honeychurch has had bad luck since the day she was born and now everyone calls her ‘jinx’. But when she does something that’s really bad her parents decide to send her to New York to stay with her aunt and uncle until everything at home calms down.

In New York Jean meets lots of new people including her glamorous cousin Tory. Tory is far too cool for Jean but after a series of misfortunes Tory can’t help but notice her! But then Jean does something that really annoys Tory and war begins…

Could the curse that has followed Jean her whole life actually help her?

And could she be a…… witch?

I enjoyed this story because it’s exciting but it also has things in it that teens can relate to like boy-problems and peer-pressure. The writer tells a story of a typical teenage girl who has bad luck but with a bit of a twist!

I always liked Meg Cabot’s style of writing because she writes like she is 15-years-old and she really understands how teenagers think. A ‘thumbs up’ from me!

Rating: 8/10 although I really enjoyed the story some parts were slightly boring.

Recommended age group: 11-15

Ellen F, age 12

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