Kinvara Playground Galway


St Josephs National School Playground, Kinvara

The playground is located on the grounds of St Joseph’s National School, but is open all day and accessible to the public.  Children from the ages of two to fifteen can enjoy this newly installed playground while also encouraging them to be active, meet new friends and to try new things!   Whether you prefer to lie quietly in the birds nest swing or spin until your dizzy in the spinner bowl this playground offers activities for everyone.  A particular feature of the playground is its Activity Trail which is made up of the following equipment:

Climb Over: With this equipment, children learn to do a lot of things on different levels: the child can climb the stairs with use of hands and then run down to the bottom level. They can also jump down from the top to the bottom. Children can do the same activities without the use of hands which means that it will be more difficult to achieve because they also have to learn how to keep their balance; otherwise they will fall off. The most difficult task is to crawl above and below the tubes of the stairs and then either jump or run down from top to bottom. In this case, the children improve their flexibility by moving their body like a snake. If a child can do this well, he’s really an agility expert!
Hang Bridge: Children can swing from one beam to the other in order to reach the other side of the equipment as quickly as possible. Children train their upper-body and their coordination skills on this activity. They learn to practice Movement Planning and at the same time train their muscles (arms, chest and back). Children will also learn to keep their balance while they hang on the beams and do the jumping activity with their body. As a result of the agile movements demanded by the play equipment, they also train their sense of rhythm. Children learn to have endurance in order to reach the other side
Tarzan Track: Try to keep your balance while walking on the chain and holding onto the top rope in order to walk from one side of the equipment to the other. Children have to adapt to the changing heights of the rope as they are walking along the chain. This trains eye-hand coordination and demands adjustment of balance. The children have to plan their movement well so they can act and react with their body to the changing environment as a result of the changing rope heights.
The Stepping Pods provide great fun because they make it possible to jump to and from the various play equipment structures. While jumping from one Stepping Pod to the next, the child´s sense of balance is trained. Furthermore, the Stepping Pods may also serve as a convenient place for resting.


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