L – what a Lavishly Lyrical Letter



innocent drinks have invited 26 bloggers to take part in their Alphabet Challenge game, each blogger has been given a letter of the alphabet and we will all be posting photos representing our letters.  I was nominated Queen of the letter L.  So my 2 daughters, aged 9 and 6 and myself spent some time debating how to represent our letter.

Would it be L amongst some Ludicrous Limes and Lemons?
Would we post L over Literary Letters?
What about L in between Luscious Lipsticks?

Although we happened upon some Luxurious Llamas today (in County Clare!) we didn’t have our L magnet with us, and in any case we weren’t too sure whether the Llamas would pose long enough for a photo!


So we settled finally upon this photo:

L - the most lovely letter

Innocent want you to join in too, check out their site to find out what letter they are featuring every day between now and 22 April and join in by sharing your photo on Twitter or Flickr.  The most creative entry every day wins a lovely innocent hamper full of goodies so get your cameras out and see how creative you can be!

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