Don’t Miss This Fun LEGO Competition for Kids in Ireland!

Heritage Council LEGO competition

If your child is a LEGO fan, don’t miss this fun opportunity to build something new and enter it in the Heritage Council of Ireland’s LEGO competition. Not only is it a great hands-on activity, this is a chance to discover more about Ireland’s heritage and culture, through the medium of LEGO bricks!

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The Heritage Council is calling on children across the country to put their imagination to good use this summer by using LEGO bricks to recreate their favourite example of Irish built, natural or cultural heritage.

To provide some inspiration and guidance, LEGO brick artist Jessica Farrell will build a sample model every week and will post the step-by-step plan on the Heritage Council Facebook page. The sample models will include:

  • Built Heritage – Traditional thatch cottage; High Cross
  • Natural Heritage – Red Fox; Hedgehog; native Irish honeybee with flower
  • Cultural Heritage – Celtic interlace pattern; Galway Hooker boat

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LEGO Competition Details

To enter, children need to build their model, write a short description of what it is and why it’s important to them, and then take a photo/s of the model and upload them via the Heritage Council’s website.

Your child can enter as many times as you like in all categories, and all entries need to be submitted by close of business on August 30th, 2020.

The Categories

  • Built Heritage: 4-7 years / 8-12 years
  • Natural Heritage: 4-7 years / 8-12 years
  • Cultural Heritage: 4-7 years / 8-12 years

The Prizes

For each category above, winners in the 4-7 years category will each receive a LEGO® DK book. Winners in the 8-12 years category will each receive a LEGO® kit.

You can check the full rules of the Heritage Council’s LEGO competition here, including how the build needs to be photographed and submitted.

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Have your say! Will your child be entering the Heritage Council’s LEGO competition? What did they decide to build? Leave a comment and let us know – we would love to hear from you!

Heritage Council LEGO competition

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