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April 13, 2015

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Our girls arrived home from school 3 weeks before the Easter Midterm with the exciting news that they were going to have babies! Considering they are 8 and 11, this news came as quite a shock, until they explained that their teacher had sourced 5 duck eggs that were going to hatch in their classroom. Find out the life lessons learnt in our hatching duck eggs project.

Sitting on a shelf at the back of their classroom, 5 duck eggs sat in a special incubator. The teacher had sourced them from a local farmer to give these urban children an insight into a more rural life. And a few life lessons along the way.

Every morning for those 3 weeks the children rushed to school. In addition to the incubator they had a special microscope that allowed them to see inside the eggs.

The ducklings started out small and you could see how they moved in the space, but as they grew, the shadow became larger, until there was very little movement at all.

Hatching Duck Eggs

DucklingsThen a week before the holidays, during school hours(luckily), the first duck egg hatched.

Trudy, as she was named by the children, struggled to get out of her shell and was very weak. Sadly she died just hours after being born. The children were upset but all got to say goodbye and they had a special ceremony for her and she was buried in the school garden.

Hours later 2 more ducks arrived, the children named them James Pond and Fifi! Both were strong and healthy and were placed in a specially built pen with a heat lamp to keep them warm.

The final 2 ducks hatched in the coming week, Quackers and Coco, and joined their brother and sister in the pen at the back of the classroom.

One Week Old Ducklings

And one week on…..well see for yourself.

During the Easter midterm, the ducks went back to the farmer and the children will get regular updates on their progress.

What a great life lesson the kids learned. Many experiencing death for the first time in their young lives and learning how to grieve and cope and gaining an understanding that life goes on, much more than just a simple Duck Project.

Has your children’s school ever undertaken a similar project? Let us know in the comments box below.

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