Make this Easy Secret Santa Gift for Under a Fiver

secret santa gift for under a fiver

Are you looking for a Secret Santa gift that’s inexpensive and quick to make? My daughter came home last Friday from school saying she had to have a secret santa gift ready by Monday and it had to be under a fiver! Here’s what we did to Make this Easy Secret Santa Gift for Under a Fiver:

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  • We bought a festive mason jar – cost 2.50 euro
  • We bought sweets,  jellies worked well  – cost 49 cent per packet
  • Then my daughter put them into the jar in colour sequence.
  • She created a homemade gift tag – cost Free
  • And presented it to her teacher to be given to the child before Christmas.

So this year don’t get stressed scouring the shops for cheap Secret Santa gifts get yourself a jar and fill it with goodies.

If we had more time, maybe we would have baked or made some gifts to fill the Secret Santa Gift Jar….there’s always next year.

Over to you, have you any festive Secret Santa Gift Ideas for under a fiver? Please share them with us in the comments box below. 

Secret Santa Gift for under a fiver

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