Mykidstime 100 Rainy Day Places Guide


Welcome to the Mykidstime “100 Rainy Day Places” Guide. As parents, we are always on the lookout for great venues that are child-friendly and fun to visit, and for this guide, we have rounded up the best of those places to go on a rainy day in Ireland! We hope you’ll find this useful.

Here’s the Mykidstime 100 Rainy Day Places pdf if you can’t see the digital version.

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  • This is a fantastic guide, not only is it useful for ideas when your stuck at home on a rainy day (like today) but also great to print off some ideas if your heading away for a weekend. Will definitely be using some of the Sligo/Donegal suggestions for next visit to Granny’s house for the weekend visit.

    • jenniferb

      Thanks Lisa – we are glad you like our guide and it will be of use to you. We definitely picked up some great ideas while working on it! – Jennifer, Mykidstime