National Bike Week 2015 – Where Will Your Bike Take You?


It’s National Bike Week 2015 from June 13th – 21st and hundreds of free cycling events are planned throughout Ireland. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out with the kids on the bikes and get some exercise and fresh air!

It’s recommended that children get at least 60 minutes of exercise every day and cycling is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

National Bike Week wants to encourage more people to cycle for short journeys that don’t really require the bus, train or car. Studies show that cycling is the fastest mode of transport for journeys of 10km or less in urban areas. It’s also low in cost.

Here are five reasons why everyone should take up cycling:

  1. Cycling is fun, it lets you enjoy the great outdoors
  2. Cyclists are fitter than non-cyclists
  3. If you spend as little as €1.20 daily on travel (bus fare/ petrol etc.), you can save €200 a year by switching to a bike
  4. Cycling is the fastest mode of transport for most short trips – congestion doesn’t affect cycling journey times
  5. If more people cycled instead of driving, taking the train or bus, air pollution in cities would reduce.

Some important information for Cyclists

  • Equipment Check – Is the saddle the correct height? Are the tyres nice and firm, and the bell, lights and brakes all working properly?

  • Rules of the Road – Cyclists need to obey the same rules of the road as every other road user. Stopping at red lights, understanding and heeding road signs and markings is for the good of everyone’s safety, including theirs


  • Sharing the Road – Cyclists need to be aware and mindful of other road users. As well as having to obey the same rules, they also have the same rights.

Fun Events at Bike Week

where_bikeThere are some fantastic free events at this year’s Bike Week:

  • family fun cycles
  • bike care and safety skills training
  • lunchtime cycles
  • cycle to school days in almost every city on June 17th
  • a workshop  on how to make your own bike from recycled materials
  • heritage cycles throughout Ireland including one in Galway, which takes in seven castles in its route.
  • mountain bike skills training in Barrow, Co Carlow and Ballyhoura, Co Limerick
  • a week long bike festival in The Phoenix Park that includes a bicycle themed film festival and much more.

All Bike Week events are free to the public and open to people of all ages and cycling abilities. A complete listing of events taking place throughout the country and important tips on cycling safety can be found by logging on to

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