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July 1, 2013

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Is there a thing as too much sunshine? If you’re out of sun cream, gotten your annual quota of Vitamin D or just need an easy afternoon indoors, Erin has a fun way to turn your Netflix movie into an entire afternoon of fun

shrek storiesFirst off, I should say that I am loving all this sunshine – everyone’s happy, my BBQing skills have reached a new zenith, and my legs suddenly don’t look like I walked out of a Twilight book.

But, there comes a time in every stretch of amazing sunshine that you just need to cool off! Inside!

To alleviate the guilt of staying inside while the sun streamed in the windows, we had an entire little Shrek themed afternoon!

To get our monster juices flowing I popped open the laptop, plugged in an HDMI cable to the TV and watched a few episodes of Shrek Stories on Netflix. Easy, peasey, lemon-squeezey!

After we were well inspired it was crafty time! Check out the *adorable* monster feet we made from some cardboard and ribbon.

The rest of the afternoon was spent adventuring around the house with a stuffed Hello Kitty as Puss in Boots and plastic horse as Donkey.

It was a blast, guilt be gone!

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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