Pish Posh


Pish Posh by Ellen Potter

This book is about a girl called Clara Frankofile, who is eleven years old.  Her parents own the very famous restaurant “Pish Posh”, situated in New York City.  Every night, Clara sits in the restaurant and sorts out all the famous posh people, “Somebodies” from the “Nobodies”.  But when Clara picks Dr Piff out from the crowd and claims he is a “Nobody”, he tells her of a strange mystery that is going on right under her nose.  How could Clara not have noticed it?  She decides there is only one way to rectify her unattentiveness – to solve this mystery with a little help from a new-found friend!

This story had a brilliant beginning, but it lost my interest during the middle of it.  The story perked up again at the end, but overall it wasn’t exceptional.  The most important part – the middle was very disappointing.  The mystery wasn’t very exciting and it took me a while to realise that Clara had already solved it!

I loved Ellen Potter’s “Olivia Kidney” series and therefore I find it difficult to believe that the same author could have written “Pish Posh”.  It really was’t a good read.

 Rating: 6/10 – Pish Posh was certainly not one of the best books I have read.  The whole “Mystery” theme of the storyline seemed boring and there wasn’t much to get excited about.  If you want to read this book – go on ahead!  But I definitely don’t recommend it at all.

Emma C, aged 12

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