Rabbit Problem


The Rabbit Problem by Author/Illustrator: Emily Gravett

Publisher: MacMillan Books (August 2009)


When Lonely Rabbit meets Chalk Rabbit, they set up family life in Fibonacci’s Field. But little do they realise that 1 rabbit plus 1 rabbit will inevitably equal 288 rabbits before the year is out! As with all of Emily Gravett’s books, the story is told primarily through her marvelous illustrations. The pure genius of a picture book based on the Fibonnacci sequence of numbers and set out in a calender format has created a story to be taken out and pondered over for hours at a time by everyone aged 3 years and up. Included are loads of extras we have come to associate with Gravett…. recipes, knitting patterns, newspaper clippings…. and a very special surprise extra at the end!

The illustrations lead and expand the concise, brilliantly crafted storyline.This book is a pure joy!

For those unfamiliar with Emily Gravett, her other books include: “Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears”; “Wolves”; “Dogs”; “Meercat Mail” and for very small children; “Orange, Pear, Apple, Bear”. Also check out her website: www.emilygravett.com

Reviewed by Mary Esther Judy

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