Recycled Paper Christmas Tree


Homemade Christmas decorations add a lovely personal touch, and the kids are usually so proud of the finished product. Here are instructions for a Recycled Paper Christmas Tree.

Materials : 

  • Recycled Paper – Magazines or Toy Catalogues
  • Scissors
  • Staple
  • Wooden Skewer
  • Star Shape (either pipe cleaner/shape cut our from cardboard/christmas tag)

Method : 

1. Get some old magazines or toy catalogues!
2. Tear out pages & staple approx 12 pages together along the edge that was bound
3. Make 3 of these bundles of 12 pages
4. Take one bundle and fold the first page down at a right angle
5. Then fold this first page down a second time so that its straight along the stapled edge
6. Then fold it over to the left
7. Repeat with all 12 pages & Repeat with the 3 bundles & Then staple them all together
8. Trim off the edges at the bottom
9. Fold the first page back on itself, so that it overlaps with the back page & then staple again to hold in place and fan out to look like a tree
10. Get a skewer and fix a star shape to the top (I used a gift tag I had) and then place the skewer into the top of your tree!

A word of warning! : I found my 5 year old had limited patience for all the folding, so I had to help a bit. But its definitely a project you can put to one side and return to again as well as there is no gluing. An older child may find it easier!

(With thanks to Aideen Connolly, Art Class Tutor at The Benwiskin Centre, Sligo)

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Have you made any of these, or do you have ideas for any Christmas Crafts with Children?
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