Do You Dare Visit the House of Horrors at Tayto Park?


October 27, 2013

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We asked a Mykidstime parent to take a trip though the House of Horrors at Tayto Park.  Here’s their honest opinion:

The House of Horrors is a seasonal event which is built in Tayto Park every Halloween, and this year is running until 3rd November.  It costs €4 (in addition to the normal Tayto Park entrance fee).

As this is only a temporary event & only costs €4, I was expecting something put together quickly, and with a fairground Ghost Train feel to it.  How wrong was I……

The lowdown

taytoThe whole event is run very well.  People are paced through the house – so each group goes separately. I took a friend in with me while our hubbies minded the kids. I was shoved through the door first by my friend & she stayed hidden behind me the whole way through.

It is set out like a house but with very long corridors & lots of closed doors so you don’t know what’s going to be in the next room.  Most rooms have a motion sensor which triggers the scary models – from werewolves to vampires in coffins.  These were quite scary & whilst they made us jump it was what we were expecting so it was also quite funny.

What made it terrifying though was the real people in there too, dressed up as monsters that jumped out & chased you through the house. For me, it was this that really made it different to any other Horror Type event that I have been to before, I don’t mind admitting that they scared the life out of me.  I screamed quite a few times & at one point was running through the corridors to get away from them.

It’s the anticipation that this creates that builds up a lot of tension & then even the less terrifying things start to make you jump.  About half way through the house, I walked into a fake spider hanging from the ceiling which made me scream.  This would have made me laugh had it happened at the beginning.  I think this why it works so well – they build up the tension until you are so wound up that even the little things scare the life out of you!

About the House

Tatyo Park House of HorrorsThe House itself is 3000 sq feet & was created by two interior designers.  It is very dark & claustrophobic, with long corridors & small rooms.  There is a kitchen and a room with meat hanging up that you have to push your way through – without ruining it for you, it was in this room that I got my first real fright!

I must admit I was too scared to take my time and view all of the exhibits.  I probably should have gone through a second time, when I knew what to expect & I could spend longer looking at the exhibits, but honestly I ran out of the place!

Recommended Age

One point I would make is that this is not suitable for kids.  There seems to be a relaxed lower aged limit of 8-10, however I personally would recommend it only to teenagers & over, but maybe I’m just a scaredy cat!!  I think the child needs to be of an age where they realise that none of it is real.  Also, please don’t risk this if you have a heart complaint or are even of a nervous disposition.  I wouldn’t class myself as a nervous person but my heart was certainly racing.

If you have younger kids there is still plenty to do at Tayto Park over Halloween.  There is free face painting, spooky story telling, balloon modeling and magic shows for the smaller spooks with fun and games for all.

Did you get to, or are you planning to go to any of these free events ? Please let us know in the comments below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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