7 Simple Sensory Box Ideas


#2. Easter Sensory Box

Easter sensory box_l

How to make this sensory box idea:

  • Three bags of rice, dyed yellow with a bottle of yellow food colouring
  • Painted bird house
  • Glittered eggs on sticks
  • Chicks
  • Fillable plastic eggs (I filled with different pastas)
  • Silicone flower cupcake cases
  • Textured egg
  • Textured bunny
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Small flower basket featuring ladybirds which Little N loves at the moment
  • Measuring spoons for scooping

How my child played with the box: Little N was attracted to the eggs at first and enjoyed shaking the eggs and listening to the sounds. I had filled them with pasta, chicks, pipe cleaners and rice. She then sat and opened each egg smiling to herself as she successfully discovered what was hidden inside. She would pour the contents into the rice before moving onto the next egg.


She used the measuring spoons really well and together we re-filled the eggs and began to fill up the flower basket with rice. She enjoyed pouring the rice back out and into the box. As the rice pinged off the eggs she got really excited at the noise it made. We played hide and seek with the chicks too which she found funny.

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