7 Simple Sensory Box Ideas


#4. Soapy Water Sensory Box

soap water sensory box

How to make this sensory box idea:

  • Put a large bath towel down on floor and fill box with warm, soapy water.
  • Fill with plastic eggs (the same ones used on the Easter sensory box), cups, bowls, and any other plastic utensils
  • When finished with water play, dry all materials used, and put back in box for play next day with/without the water.

How my child played with the box: Little N was amazed at the bubbles. She really loved the indoor water play. She scooped the eggs up with the utensils and dropped them into the coloured bowls. She would then ‘mix’ them all around, saying “mix, mix” as she did so.


The eggs have little holes in the bottom so as they filled with water she watched with amazement as the water streamed out the bottom as we lifted them up into the air. She quickly opened the eggs once the water stopped flowing and would say “all gone, more more”.

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