7 Simple Sensory Box Ideas


#5. Utensils Sensory Box

utensils sensory box

To make this sensory box, just add various utensils from the kitchen.

How my child played with the box: I added a couple of extra bits to the box for play today. Kept her busy for ages!


She enjoyed opening the eggs and concentrating to shut them again, some she could do and others she would come and ask for help. She scooped the eggs up, filled up the bowls and mixed them all up.

She left the box to go to pick up her kitty teddy. She sat him up the sofa and I thought that would be the end of the play in the sensory box. No, she was extending her play. She returned to the box and picked up a bowl full of the eggs and went and placed it next to the cat, and pretended to feed kitty, saying “mmmm”.

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