7 Simple Sensory Box Ideas


#6. Cereal Sensory Box

cereal sensory box

This cereal sensory box was one I made for Little N’s birthday. We were having a get-together with close family and friends and I wanted to have a few activities out that would be fun, safe and enjoyable for all children. I had children ranging from nine months to six years old, so there was quite a range in ages and abilities.

Having a sensory box out appealed to me, but I was conscious that this presented hazards for the younger children (meaning their parents would need to watch them like a hawk or that the smaller children would have to miss out). I wanted everyone to be able to join in and have fun together!


How to make this sensory box idea:

  • Fill a brand new sterilized sand and water table with cereal – our table did come with legs, but again this wasn’t accessible to the younger children so I left the legs off and placed it on the floor.
  • Use cereal appropriate to age group (e.g. Rice Krispies)
  • Add sterilised textured bridges and cups to scoop the cereal.

Inclusion for all is very important to me. Its something that I am very passionate and committed to doing – making activities accessible for all no matter their age or ability. All of the children explored this sensory box and it was safe, edible and fun for everyone.

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