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June 27, 2013

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The school summer holidays are here and we have plenty of ideas for you to help keep the kids amused!  Survive the Summer with Super Milk and as each week we’ll give you a new idea for fun things for your kids to do, so bookmark this page and we’ll keep adding the ideas to it!


1-31_icons-01Week 1 Super Hero Super Fun

Have some Super Hero Super Fun with our 5 Super Hero activities and projects!  Have fun making:

#1. Superhero Bookmarks

#2. Superhero masks

#3. Superhero cuffs

#4. Superhero identity card

#5. Superhero painting

We’ll need you to keep all of these fun items that you make for a later week so watch this space for more fun to have with them!

1-31_icons-02Week 2 Super Fun Animals

What’s your favourite animal?

Is visiting a zoo or pet farm a favourite thing to do as a family?

Here are some great places around the country to see super fun animals from butterflies to snakes to kangaroos!

Congratulations to our lucky winners who won Dublin Zoo family passes, enjoy your trip to the Zoo!

1-31_icons-03Week 3 Super Fun Outdoors

Need some ideas to get everybody active outdoors?

It has been such great weather so far this summer, that we’ve all been outside.

But maybe you need some new ideas for fun games to play?

Here are some fun outdoor games to play and maybe you even remember one or two from your childhood!

And be sure to tell us how you got on!

1-31_icons-04Week 4 Super Fun Indoors

Jeepers! It’s week 4 already!

Need some ideas for cooling off indoors in this heat or if the rain drops threaten? Here are some super fun indoor ideas for the kids.

Get the board games out or a simple pack of cards and you can have hours of fun together.

We even have 50 more indoor ideas for you to help you keep the kids amused!

1-31_icons-05Week 5 Super Fun Cooking – 29th July

Kids love cooking and kids love cookies!

So for a special treat, why not get them helping mixing and making these delicious Super Hero Cookies.

For the super hero icing you’ll need food colouring for your icing so blue for Superman, black for Batman, red for Spiderman and so on, depending on which super hero your child is into.

Then pour a nice cool class of Super Milk (one glass a day gives kids all the Vitamin D they need!) to enjoy with your freshly baked cookies!

1-31_icons-06Week 6 Super Fun Photo Fun – 5th August

This week we are taking Super Hero photos! To set up your photo booth, you’ll need the photo booth you made in Week 1 and your child might enjoy wearing their super hero mask or cuffs too!

We hope you enjoy taking the photos, plus you get the chance to win a €25 Avonmore voucher in our super hero Instagram photo competition!

Show us the results of your Super Hero Photo Fun using hashtag #supermilksuperhero before Sunday 18th August and the 2 best photos will each win a Supermilk voucher!

1-31_icons-07Week 7 Super Film Fun – 12th August

This week we are having some Super Fun with Films at home

Pick a Super Hero Film to watch, then set up your home cinema, complete with print off tickets to hand out and some great recipes including Blueberry & Peach Smoothie and Banana & Strawberry Milkshakes!

Why not get older kids to write a short film review afterwards and send it in to us to let us know what you watched and what marks out of 5 you would give it?

Enjoy the home movies!

1-31_icons-08Week 8 Super Fun Hunts for Kids – 19th August

This week we have some great ideas for fun Hunts for Kids. Kids love to hunt for stuff, especially with the promise of a prize or treasure!

We have 4 fun hunts for you:

1)    Big Bug Hunt – how many insects can they find in the garden?

2)    Scavenger Hunt – see how many things your child can find in the garden

3)    Treasure Hunt – Every child loves the thought of finding the “treasure”!

4)    Alphabet Hunt – something a bit different! Hunt for the letters of the Alphabet

Happy Hunting!


What have you done to “survive the summer“? Tell us in the comments below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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