The Galway Market


Our roving reporter talks about one family’s Saturday morning visit to the market:

On his latest offering legendary 60’s reclusive crooner Scott Walker sings about “punching a donkey on the streets of Galway”. Still reeling from over exposure (one listen) to this bizarre album (The Drift) we set out ‘en famille’ to the famous Galway market.

We arrived early. As usual, the kids just couldn’t wait to meet the day and had been bouncing on our sleepy heads soon after 6 a.m. So, feeling tired and slightly hungover, we parked up in the school across from the market around 8:30. Come early if you can as it’s nice and quiet still and shopping with kids can actually be a pleasure.

We headed straight to the main fruit and veg stall. No donkeys there. Perhaps still too early even for them!  We stocked up on fruit and veg. The guy seemingly plucking a more than fair figure from the top of his head, we paid and set forth. He also threw the kids a couple of bananas which was a nice touch.

Next stop was the doughnut stand. The bananas consequently received the very shortest of shrifts as the kids tucked into their cinnamon and chocolate coated warm doughnuts.

Right next to the doughnuts we find Bob Dylan nut and purveyor of the finest bagels in Ireland, Carl Fahy. I asked Carl if he knew anything about Scott Walker punching donkeys in Galway. He took this question in his stride but wisely chose to answer a different (unasked) question about an obscure Dylan counterpoint. Ever enlightened we left with a mixed bag of bagels. The jalapeno’s being a particular favourite.

Next some cheese. We don’t get out much so on Saturday nights we like to treat ourselves right. Tonight we’re having steaks so some cheese to finish the red wine off with is essential. You could opt for Sheridan’s but lately we’ve been favouring the “Dutch Cheese Guy”. He’s Dutch and he sells cheese, you see.  We purchased some Pecorino, some Comte for the kids and a very good blue goats gouda.

Only one more thing on the list for us. Fish.  Buy fish from the market, you wont regret it. A fine array of fresh fishies stare at you on the fish stall.  “Pick me, pick me”, they say. They are truly a pleasure to behold. So behold we do before finally liberating a couple of red snappers. The guys there are very friendly and helpful and will happily give you ideas on how to prepare your catch.

So that was it for us.  It was getting busy.  Time to pick up the papers, some kids magazines (with annoying “gifts”) at Eason’s and head to a coffee shop.  We’d only visited a few of the many and varied stalls but we were leaving happy with a buggy full of delicious stuff. Predictably kids not in the buggy!

I urge you to discover your own Galway market. Take the kids. Go early.
Have fun.

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