Things to Do With Baby in North Dublin

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New baby? If so, a big congratulations!!! We have some suggestions and tips for getting out and about with baby in North Dublin. Here are Things to Do with Baby in North Dublin:

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Join a local Parent and Baby/Toddler Group

Most groups meet weekly. Parent and Baby groups can be an invaluable source of information, a great way to meet other parents and chat about the ups and downs of life with a baby.

It’s great to be able to talk to other people in the same situation as you because no matter how great your friends are, unless they have a baby themselves, they just aren’t all that interested in how baby sleeps or when to wean!

Take in a Movie

Several cinemas in Dublin hold weekly parent and baby screenings. You can catch up with the latest releases, bring the buggy and not worry about baby disturbing other cinema goers. With a bit of luck your baby will fall asleep on your lap and you can sit back and enjoy the movie!

Try a Parent & Baby Class

There are a growing number of classes throughout North Dublin for parents and babies, including introducing to baby to music and movement, baby massage, and yoga.

Go Swimming

The majority of swimming pools and leisure centres in North Dublin hold dedicated times for parent and infant swims. There are also classes with organisations like Water Babies.

Other Ideas

Do keep an eye on our events pages, there are regular events for new parents across Dublin, including new parent coffee mornings in certain department stores, showings and screenings.

Check out our family friendly eateries and places to change baby, always good to know when out and about with baby!

Or if you have twins, have a look at our Multiples article.

Is there a baby-friendly place you enjoy going to on the Northside? If there is anything we have forgotten please let us know in the comments below.

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