Things to do with baby in Sligo



Things to do with baby in Sligo


Have you a new baby? If so congratulations!!! We have some suggestions and tips for getting out and about with baby in Sligo. If there is anything I have forgotten, do let me know!


Join a local Parent and Baby/Toddler Group. Most groups meet weekly. Parent and Baby groups can be an invaluable source of information, a great way to meet other parents and chat about the ups and downs of life with a baby. Its great to be able to talk to other people in the same situation as you because no matter how great your friends are, unless they have a baby themselves, they just aren't all that interested in how baby sleeps or when to wean! Most groups meet weekly. Heres the Sligo Listings for Parent & Toddler Groups.

 The Sligo Family Resource Centre is a great place to find support. They do a weekly group walk, which is lovely and you can bring babies and toddlers. Plus stop at the end for a cuppa!

Maybe you are trying to Breastfeed your new baby? Heres some Support Groups nearby

Baby Massage is said to help baby to sleep more soundly & has proven techniques to reduce colic/wind & constipation. Worth a go?

Go Swimming!

Do keep an eye on our events page too, there are regular events for new parents across Sligo




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