Things to do with baby in Sligo


Things to do with baby in Sligo


Have you a new baby? If so congratulations!!! We have some suggestions and tips for getting out and about with baby in Sligo. If there is anything I have forgotten, do let me know!

Join a local Parent and Baby/Toddler Group. Most groups meet weekly. Parent and Baby groups can be an invaluable source of information, a great way to meet other parents and chat about the ups and downs of life with a baby. Its great to be able to talk to other people in the same situation as you because no matter how great your friends are, unless they have a baby themselves, they just aren't all that interested in how baby sleeps or when to wean! Most groups meet weekly. Heres the Sligo Listings for Parent & Toddler Groups.

 The Sligo Family Resource Centre is a great place to find support. They do a weekly group walk, which is lovely and you can bring babies and toddlers. Plus stop at the end for a cuppa!

Maybe you are trying to Breastfeed your new baby? Heres some Support Groups nearby

Baby Massage is said to help baby to sleep more soundly & has proven techniques to reduce colic/wind & constipation. Worth a go?

Go Swimming!

Do keep an eye on our events page too, there are regular events for new parents across Sligo




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This website was created by Jill Holtz and Michelle Davitt, both of whom are mothers of young children. Jill and Michelle decided to create this resource themselves, and launched in 2007.


  1. charleneb251 says:

    hi all, we r coming to sligo for a few days on holiday we have a baby of 9months old can anyone recommend any activities or sites to see that would be also suitable for him.