Titanic 2020

This book is about a thirteen year old boy called Jimmy Armstrong living in the year 2020.  One day, mischievous Jimmy, being severely annoyed with his parents, teachers, classmates (and just about everyone on Earth), decides to stow away on the new ship, the “Titanic”, that has just been built in his home-town, Belfast.

But when Jimmy is at sea, he learns of a strange incurable disease infecting the whole population of the world!  Suddenly, being on the ship seems the safest place to be.

This story was very interesting and really caught my attention the whole way through.  I particularly loved how Colin Bateman set the story in the future – 2020.  Life didn’t seem to be very different, if not exactly the same as our lives now.  The book itself is quite different to others that I have read.  Sure, I’ve seen stories about the old “Titanic”, but never of a new, futuristic “Titanic”.  It made the story new and exciting, instead of old and boring.  In books about “Titanic 1912”, we all know what is going to happen – the ship sinks and more than 1,500 people drown.  But in Colin Bateman’s story, it is more mysterious, as we have no idea what is about to happen!

Rating: 10/10 – I really enjoyed this story.  It is so unique and is very refreshing.  This book should definitely become a best-seller soon.  Don’t groan at the title!! This book is funny and exciting – most certainly going in my Top Ten list!

By Emma C aged 12


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