MS READaTHON Winning Creative Stories from 2 Young Writers

Jill Holtz

December 21, 2014

ms readathon

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Mykidstime is proud to bring you the 2014 MS READaTHON winning creative stories from 2 talented young writers. Read on..:


Among the Stars by Emma. Age 11. Tipperary

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Emer looked up to the stars and thought. She did this a lot as it relaxed her. “Among the stars”, Emer thought “Imagine all the secrets hidden among those stars.” Then she noticed one particularly small star. Emer decided that it would be her star and that she would call it Mercury. Little did she know it would help her through a very hard time. Emer heard her mum’s voice and ran inside to bed.

The next day she dressed and went for breakfast. There was a note on the table saying:

“Granny isn’t feeling too well. Gone to see how she is. Love you, Mum”

Emer called her mum immediately because she loved her grandmother and she knew Granny didn’t get sick very often. Her mother didn’t answer so Emer jumped on her bike and cycled to her grandmother’s house. She pulled on the door handle but it wouldn’t open. She ran to the back door but that wouldn’t open either. Suddenly Emer’s phone rang. It was her mother. Emer was shocked and upset at what she heard; she didn’t think her grandmother would be as sick as she was. Emer held back her tears and cycled to the hospital. When she got there her mother was in a state. Her grandmother was lying asleep. She was very pale and didn’t look at all like her usual self. She had lots of wires attached to her like she was a robot.

Emer and her mother left the hospital at eight o’clock after a long day of sitting and waiting for her grandmother to wake, but she didn’t. Emer was very worried about her grandmother. As they drove home she thought about her and what could happen. When they got home Emer went out to the garden and lay under the tree. She looked up and spotted her star, Mercury, again. Emer did something she hadn’t done for a very long time because she thought it was for little kids and didn’t work. She put her hands together and looked up at her star. Emer said “Please, please, please make Granny better”. The star gave a little sparkle and Emer dozed off.

“Emer, Emer” her mum said. Emer slowly opened her eyes and saw it was still pitch dark. “I must have fallen asleep” thought Emer. She got up again, kissed her mum goodnight and went inside to bed.

The next morning Emer went to see her granny. She was thrilled and amazed to see Granny sitting up in bed. She looked much better and was begging to be let home. “Wow, Mercury really did work” said Emer to herself.

Think you could do as well at writing a story? Check out more about the 2014 MS READaTHON Creative Writing Competition over here.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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