Winning Creative Stories from 2 Young Writers

Jill Holtz

October 14, 2014

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Mykidstime is proud to bring you the 2013 MS READaTHON winning creative stories from 2 talented young writers. Read on..:

“Diary Aboard Titanic” by Alannah Mullins from St Michael Community College, Kilmihil

Wednesday, 11th of April, 1912

Dear Diary,

istock_girl working in schoolToday we set aboard Titanic, one of the biggest ships in the world. We set sail from Queenstown en route to New York. Mother, Father, John and I are travelling in second class. Inside the ship it is huge, with hundreds of rooms full of the most luxurious and expensive furniture. On our first day of our voyage John and I were allowed to go off by ourselves and explore the ship, it was so big that we ended up getting lost! Some people are even saying that the ship is unsinkable. On our first night I couldn’t sleep a wink, I could hear the rolling of the sea outside our cabin window as it lapped against the ship. Eventually after about two hours I finally fell asleep.

Thursday, 12th of April, 1912

Dear Diary,

Today was our second day aboard Titanic. Today we went to eat our breakfast in the second class dining hall, along with the other hundreds of people travelling in the same class. On the tables in the dining hall there were plates stacked high with food, I don’t think I ever seen as many varieties of food in my life. After eating a very large breakfast myself and John went to play with some of the other children on board while Mother and Father talked to some of the adults. We met a family who were from Co. Clare, like ourselves, who came from Corofin. Their names were Paddy and Bridget. Mother and Father also got chatting to their parents and said that they were a lovely, friendly couple. For the rest of the day, I, John, Paddy and Bridget played and explored the ship. At tea time we went back to the dining hall and met up with our parents and went back to our cabin and went to bed. That night I found it much easier to sleep and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

11:50 p.m. Saturday, 14th of April, 1912

Dear Diary,

The last two days have been pretty much the same as Thursday, we played with Paddy and Bridget went for walks around the ship and did activities within the ship. Everything has been perfectly normal up until tonight. The captain has informed passengers that we are to put on our lifejackets because Titanic, one of the biggest ships in the world and said to be unsinkable has hit an iceberg and we are to evacuate the ship at once. At first passengers thought that this was a joke and thought nothing of it, but now as lifeboats are being lowered, it doesn’t seem like that big a joke. Father has said that the captain is deadly serious and that we should get aboard one of the lifeboats as it is better to be on the safe side. Mother doesn’t want to believe it she is gone as pale as a ghost and is staying silent as Father tries to pack away our things. After about a half an hour of this she see’s sense and takes over from him packing everything as fast as she can. When she h as finished gathering up everything, we follow her and Father out onto the deck. In the water we see that about five of the lifeboats are already gone and some of them aren’t even half full. One of the crew members are calling out ‘Women and children only!’ We turn around to father and stare at him, what were we going to do? We couldn’t leave him on his own, could we?

1:45 a.m. Sunday, 15th of April, 1912

Dear Diary,
Things are getting worse, the ship is starting to tilt off to the left and I have a feeling it is going to sink pretty soon. Father has been thinking a lot and has come to the decision that we are to go on a lifeboat without him and that he will follow us and meet us in New York. Nobody has any idea how we are going to make it to New York but some are saying an S.O.S. has been sent to one of the neighbouring ships but won’t reach here until about 3:00 a.m. Mother does not want to leave him on his own but he says that is safer this way and that he will be ok. Not going to allow his family drown, Father sends us on to the next lifeboat which is being lowered and apparently the last lifeboat left. With tears rolling down our cheeks we say goodbye and get into the lifeboat. Many more join us and when it is about to be lowered into the sea we see some trying to get on but not being allowed as the lifeboat is already full. They start screaming and crying but it was no use, we are already sailing out into the cold deep ocean. I see Father up on the deck waving to us, we waved back hoping that it would not be the last time we’d see him. Then suddenly there was a huge groan and the ship tilted over another bit, huge screams were let out and we could see some jumping into the freezing ocean and after about two minutes they were dead. As we moved further and further away the huge ship that we were once on was only a mere dot light up in the ocean until eventually we couldn’t see it at all. At lot of children were asking their mothers where we were going but nobody could answer them, we were just paddling out to nowhere.

3:30 a.m. Sunday, 15th of April, 1912

Dear Diary,
I awoke to the sound of shouting around me. ‘HELP! OVER HERE!’ they were calling. When I opened my eyes I realised what they were shouting at. In the distance there was a bright shining light coming nearer and nearer. It was the ship the S.O.S. was sent to; The Carpathia. On board the ship I could see some of the passengers who were on the Titanic earlier on the deck of the ship. We were going to be rescued.

6:00 a.m. Sunday, 15th of April, 1912

Dear Diary,
We are now on board the Carpathia. After being rescued and given warm food and drinks, we went in search of Father, who we thought might be on board the ship after being rescued like us but after about an hour of searching the whole ship from top to bottom there was no sign of him. Along the way though we did meet Bridget, Paddy and their mother who like us had been rescued and were now looking for their father; Michael. We joined them in their search and together both of us looked for the two men but we had no luck. Suddenly we heard shouts coming from the deck, we ran out wondering what the commotion was about. There in the ocean there was another lifeboat and inside in it was Father, Michael and a number of others. The members of the crew of the Carpathia lifted them onto the deck and each one of the passengers on board the lifeboat was greeted by their families. Father was overjoyed to see us and gave us each a big hug. Afterwards when all the commotion had died down he told us how the lifeboat that we had gone on was only the second last lifeboat and that there was another one left. We were all so happy that we each could start our new life in America together.

The End

Think you could do as well at writing a story? Check out more about the 2014 MS READaTHON Creative Writing Competition over here.

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