10 Effective Ways To Get More Out Of Family Travel


#6. Use Your Mouse

handonmouseThe Internet is a great place for special online deals for families which can range from upgrades to free child places and significant discounts on the brochure price which can in some cases be up to 10%.

You will nearly always find that it is cheaper to book directly online than over the phone or through a travel agent so do a bit of surfing. Most tour operators give a discount.

Click & Go offer a €1 deposit on family holidays.


#7. Hire a Car

Consider hiring a car and doing your own exploring rather than going on organised tours. This is nearly always better for families anyway as it gives you extra independence and flexibility.

Tip: Consider taking your own car seats as this will keep the price of the car hire down.

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This also avoids having to wait on the bus for all of the others on your operators list to get their bags and board the bus which can take an age at a time when little people are very tired.

And it avoids the endless rounds of other hotels where other holiday makers are being dropped off and you wondering if their hotel is better than yours and your kids asking why they have a bigger waterslide!

#8. Make a Packing List

One of the biggest challenges of travelling with children is deciding what to bring and how to bring it. Travelling with just some cotton and cashmere may be a globetrotting mantra but it is simply not practical when travelling with your children.
  • Be realistic; consider carefully where you are going, the age of your children and above all make lists (and check them twice).
  • What you take and how you take them will depend on several factors such as the type of trip, the age of your children and whether you are flying or packing everything into a car.
  • Keeping children occupied while travelling is also a big challenge and getting this right can make a big difference between making the journey enjoyable or just bearable. Check out our 15 best apps for traveling and fun games for car journeys
  • Remember to keep all the essentials you will need for the journey in your hand luggage but also remember that you have liquid restrictions until you are past security.

#9. Cut Costs While Away

Travelling with kids is not cheap and when you start multiplying meals and drinks out by four, five or six this can have a significant effect on your spending money.

  • Ask for (or take with you) diluting drinks eg Orange Squash or Ribena which will generally be better for your children anyway than fizzy drinks.
  • Another option while you are holidays is to eat a picnic on a beach with wonderful locally produced foods.
  • Shop in the local markets where veg and fruit will be cheaper.

#10. Bring Plenty of Things to Entertain

Kids do get bored on holiday especially if you’re staying put at the villa or apartment. So bring things to entertain. Here are some suggestions:

  • printable colouring sheets (lighter than big bulky colouring books) and some felt tips or crayons;
  • puzzle books (you can pick up kids puzzle books at the airport book shop);
  • a pack of cards, easy to tuck in and lots of card games to play with the kids;
  • travel board game eg Connect 4 or Cluedo;
  • portable DVD player with a splitter so at least 2 kids can watch a movie together with headphones at the same time;
  • Storycubes which are light to travel with and make endless combinations of story telling possible.
  • iPods/mp3 players with music. Get the kids to create holiday playlists before they leave home. Spotify allows you to save your playlists down offline so you don’t even need wifi later to play them.

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