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With a host of travel products on the market aimed at families, this month we asked a Mykidstime parent to review Dream Tubes, kindly provided by

What is says on the tin

"Dream Tubes – the ultimate solution to overcome the issue of young children falling out of beds, and aids the often difficult transition from a cot to a bed. It is a revolutionary, high quality and easy to use bed guard that provides a safe and secure night’s sleep for a child. Simply blow up the inflatable tubes and pop them in the pockets of the specially designed soft 100% microfibre sheet, making a cosy barrier to stop a child falling out of bed."

Who did the Testing

Mother of three (actual tester a two year old contortionist).

What the Tester said

Here's what mum of 3, Aisling had to say:

"Quite simply, it is brilliant. A wonderfully simple idea and a product that works. The subject being my two year old who from an early early age could escape from cots, highchairs and buggies. Think a minute evil kinevil but much smaller and prettier. So while I was very impressed with the idea and the quality of the product, I was doubtful it would keep my escape artist in her bed.

The tubes are inflatable and slot into space on the bed sheet provided. The sheet itself is soft and great quality and fits on a cot or cot bed. The Dream Tubes are also availabe for single beds and suitable up to age 5. So I fitted them onto the mini lunatics bed and while she gave them a few scornful glances, she was happy enough with them.

Every night between 10 and 11 p.m. you usually hear tiny footsteps running around but not this night! With the tubes in place, she could not move, she woke up all right but went back asleep, herself, RESULT!

The Dream Tubes have also been packed up for sleepovers in her nana's and will definitely be coming with us on holidays this year. The tubes fold up very small when deflated so they take up very little precious baggage space.

They really are a fantastic product for travelling or indeed as an alternative to a bed rail when making the transistion from cot to bed.  I cannot recommend this product more, it is fantastic, I only wish I had come across it sooner and avoided years of hotel travel cots."

The Dream Tubes are available from Baby Travel Shop and cost €39.99

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Product Rating: 5 Stars, great quality product.

Have you tried Dream Tubes or a similar product?  Tell us what you thought in the comments below.

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