The Ultimate Easy Family BBQ Guide

family bbq guide

Summer’s here – time for you and the kids to break out from the confines of the kitchen and enjoy some al fresco dining. So dust off the barbecue and get cooking. We’ve come up with the Ultimate Easy Family BBQ Guide to help you get organised, in association with Clonakilty Blackpudding Company. PS don’t forget the marshmallows!

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Easy BBQ Recipes

BBQ Kebab

These Clonakilty BBQ Kebabs are great for the BBQ season and best of all they are so easy to make that all the family can help.
***Top Tip*** Soak the Skewers in cold water for at least 35 mins, the longer the better (this will stop them from burning).


Clonakilty Hot Dawg

Use Clonakilty Traditional Sausages in the humble but incredibly moreish Clonakilty Hot Dawg, a welcome addition to any BBQ, Irish or proper, when the sun does actually come out!
***Top Tip*** Pre-cook your sausages in boiling water for a few minutes to ensure they are fully cooked before you grill them on the BBQ.


Clonakilty Blackpudding Burger

Clonakilty Blackpudding Burgers are great for serving at a hot grill and offering guests their choice of toppings to make their own personal burger. Clonakilty blackpudding really works here as it is a subtly spiced, beef blackpudding, and thus lends itself brilliantly to a traditional beef burger recipe.
***Top Tip*** Chill the burgers for at least an hour, makes them easier to cook.

BBQ Chicken wings

This way of cooking BBQ chicken wings allows the yeast extract to intensify the flavour of the meat.
*** Top tip *** If possible cook them on a higher rack on the BBQ, aiming for a slow, medium heat so that they cook through evenly. If in doubt or uncomfortable cooking chicken on a BBQ, then follow the oven instructions below and pop them on the BBQ for the last 5 minutes of cooking.

BBQ Marmite Chicken Wings - Wholesome Ireland - Irish Food & Parenting BLog

Chicken Legs with Ginger & Lime

You can marinade these chicken legs with ginger & lime the day before so they are ready to go on the BBQ.
*** Top tip *** Put the marinade in a Ziploc bag and every few hours turn it and massage the marinade into the meat.

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Ultimate BBQ Sauce

The 12 year old calls this sauce the “killer” because it doesn’t take your breath away at first or even second taste. What it does is gives your lips a mild chilli tingle which gradually increases to a warmth.
*** Top tip *** It keeps in a sealed jar in the fridge for weeks so you can come back to it again and again. 

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Homemade Lemonade

Kids love homemade lemonade and this easy to make recipe uses lemons and an orange.
*** Top tip *** Make up a batch of syrup and store in a covered jar in the fridge until required, handy for more jugs of that delicious lemonade!

homemade lemonade

Baked Bananas with Chocolate

This is a super easy dessert recipe that you can have prepped earlier and use the end of the bbq coals to cook.

You just need 1 or more bananas and some chocolate.

  1. Take a banana still peeled, cut along the inside and insert some squares of chocolate before wrapping the banana (peel and all) in some tin foil.
  2. Place your tin foil banana chocolate package onto the bbq once all the meat and veg have been cooked.
  3. Your banana will cook and the chocolate will melt making a super easy delicious gooey dessert.

Or try this delicious BBQ Banana Split recipe using chocolate chips and mini marshmallows – mmm.

baked bananas

bbq food safety tips

Food Safety Tips when BBQing

  • Always wash your hands after handling raw meat and before touching other foods.
  • Make sure all your frozen meat is thoroughly thawed before you grill it.
  • Chicken, burgers, sausages and kebabs need to be cooked all the way through, make sure the inside is cooked through, that there is no pink.
  • Keep raw meats away from cooked food and don’t use the same utensils for raw and cooked.
  • Don’t be tempted to pour unused marinade from raw meat onto your cooked meats.
  • Allow leftover grilled food to cool down thoroughly before refrigerating or freezing.

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bbq safety tips

BBQ Safety Tips

#1. Clean your grill regularly.

If you allow fat and grease to build up, they can end up causing flare ups.

#2. Use BBQ Utensils and Tools

Use long handled barbecue tools for turning your food rather than normal utensils.

#3. Choose your BBQ site carefully

Place your BBQ in a shelted spot away from the wind, but not too close to shrubs or trees or where children might be playing.

#4. Establish Safety Rules for Kids

  • Kids are naturally curious so show your children the BBQ and explain how hot it is.
  • Establish some safety rules such as no touching and that there is a safety zone around the grill that they should not come into.
  • Make sure no one walks behind the BBQ too, as that can be hot.
  • Keep aware at all times of children getting close to the grill.

#5. Be Prepared and have a Fire Extinguisher

If BBQing at home, make sure you have a fire extinguisher at the ready and that you know how to use it, just in case.

#6. Save Drinking for Later

If you are the main adult responsible for griling then have a drink later after the BBQ cooking is done to keep a clear head.

#7. Keep a Spray Bottle of Water Handy

That way, if you have a minor flare-up you can spray it with the water to instantly calm it.

#8. Never leave the BBQ unattended

Always have one adult keeping an eye on the BBQ grill.

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bbq checklist

Handy BBQ Checklist

  • Pair of tongs
  • BBQ gloves or oven gloves
  • A spray bottle with water in case of any flare ups
  • A meat thermometer
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Handy bin or bag for clearing away any packaging, marinade bags etc
  • Clean plates or platters for cooked food
  • Tray to carry things on
  • Sauces and condiments
  • Napkins
  • Paper plates and plastic forks
  • Tablecloth
  • Plastic tumblers/wine glasses
  • Wine chiller
  • Coolbox

Over to you now. Any tips for having a great Family BBQ to add? Share them in the comments below. 



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