50 Winter Activities for Kids You’ll Thank Us For!


Do you struggle to entertain the kids during the winter months? It can be difficult to think of activities for kids when it’s cold and raining outdoors. Fear not – we’ve got you covered! Here are 50 Winter Activities for Kids You’ll Thank us For – a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, guaranteed to cure any bout of cabin fever!

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1. Build a fort

Simply using a sheet and some rope running under the middle of sheet and tied to opposite sides of your living room and ta da! You have a very simple but perfectly functional fort! Now time to camp out or play soldiers!

2. Feed the Birds

Forget about angry birds and go outside and feed the hungry feathered real variety! You could also build your own bird house using lollipop sticks and paint it before hanging it from a tree. Or why not make your own bird feeder.

Playing Autumn Leaves3. Tidy up Outdoors

Go outside and sweep up some leaves. You might even get a chance to jump in them (long as you tidy them up again!).

Gather some fallen leaves for winter art projects indoors later.

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4. Go on a Winter Scavenger Hunt

Print out pictures of all the things you want your children to find outdoors and hand them each a few. Then send them off on their hunt to discover various winter gems like berries, dead leaves, melting ice, etc.Check out our free nature scavenger hunt list.

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5. Picnic in the Park

Yes it may be cold outside but isn’t that what winter coats, hats and gloves are for? Head to the park with a packed lunch and be sure to include a flask of hot chocolate or some soup.

6. Go Camping….indoors!

Pitch up your tent in the living room or if you don’t have one make your own using bed sheets. Turn off the lights and switch on a torch. Tell some ghost stories…if you dare!

7. Make your own Winter Wind Chime

It’s easy to make your own wind chime – we love this Snowman version from handsonaswegrow.com, which is made using tin cans

boy with mouth open against white background8. Play Mitten Mix Up

Play some Wintery Mitten Mix Up

  • Ask all the kids to throw their mittens or gloves in a pile on the floor.
  • Play some music and let the kids dance about.
  • When the music stops, they have to grab their pair of mittens.
  • Whoever manages to grab their matching pair wins.

9. Go on a Winter Hike

Wrap up warm and go on a winter hike to the park or woods. Try spot some animal tracks on your walk. Collect items you find and glue them to cardboard to make a beautiful nature collage. Or, take some lovely winter photos for your collage. Check out our Scavenger Hunt list for a walk.

10. Get your Skates On!

Don a pair of skates at your nearest indoor skating rink and strut your stuff on the ice. A great way to spend an afternoon with family and friends.

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