Mykidstime is a website for parents and families and we are always conscious of the advertising we accept.

We do rely on advertising and sponsorship to bring parents useful information and content so we review each advertising campaign placed with us carefully to ensure that the advertising does not

  • promote war or conflict or go against human rights
  • promote unhealthy eating or go against nutritional best practice.
  • promote products, services or events for children that would be irresponsible and damaging to children.
  • promote one form of baby feeding to the exclusion of breastfeeding

We do reserve the right to run an ad campaign that, for example, might promote a sugary treat or be sponsored by a formula company, provided the central message doesn’t conflict with our ethos and in running the campaign we always make clear where parents can find information on an alternative viewpoint.

We believe that the parents who use Mykidstime are adults with a free will to make choices freely about what they do or don’t buy for their children.