About Mykidstime

At Mykidstime, we are passionate about helping

  • familyWe love giving parents useful content that helps them in their busy lives
  • We love helping business owners grow their businesses through effective digital marketing.
  • We also love helping brands engage with parents through high quality content that means something to parents.
  • We work with businesses and brands who want to reach parents online, who want to know how to engage parents, and who can’t figure out how to do that easily (or at a reasonable cost!).
  • We help businesses and brands reach parents, we help generate more leads for them, while at the same time providing parents with a useful service.

But don’t just take our word for it!

omig-awards-badge-2015-winnerWe have won awards for our social media, our blog and business acumen.

We have been invited to speak to our peers at national events.

We have been independently measured as one of the most trusted online brands (Userneeds survey 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).

We have grown a large audience of parents who visit our website regularly and connect with us on email and social media. But we know that numbers aren’t everything. It’s all about delivering the right message at the right time to the right people.

When we’re not writing fun content for parents or sending out our free newsletters or posting on social media

jill circleJill can be found

  • doing New York Times crosswords (but only the Sunday ones),
  • playing Words with Friends on her iPhone and
  • reading a good book (preferably in book format but she will dip into her Kindle now and again).

Michelle can be found

  • michelle circlerowing on the River Corrib,
  • making chocolate refrigerator cake and eating too much of it!
  • She is the go-to for friends and neighbours organising parties and has been told she should patent her brain!

And if you’re dying to know more about us

Here are some more fun facts:

  • Jill lived in 5 different countries before settling in Ireland. Jill enjoys sewing (although she’s not fantastic at it) and last year made many owls and a couple of whales too. The team don’t know when Jill sleeps and she can multitask better than anyone else we know.
  • Michelle worked for 12 months for a bank in Dublin before she decided to run away to London. She stayed 15 years and worked for a publishing company for 10 of those. She also went back to college to become a Montessori Teacher. Michelle’s guilty pleasure is knitting and her daughter, with a bit of help, produced 15 cute stuffed animals for knitting class last year! Michelle is a night owl and loves nothing better than reading late into the night.

Work with us

Work with us, right this second, by signing up for our business emails, we send out regular tips and advice on marketing and social media. Or if you’re ready to dive into advertising with us, here’s where to go next!

Our Mykidstime Values

  • Quality in all we do, by that we mean that the information we provide is up to date, correct and that it is timely and useful to the users of the website.
  • Good customer service. What do we mean by that, well, little things like always answering emails and phone calls promptly. We always try to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability.
  • Creativity. We try to think of new ideas all the time, ideas for content, ideas for things to develop on the website, ideas for how best to serve our customers.
  • Giving something back. We give 10% of our profits to organisations that are involved with children. We support one charity every year by giving them a year’s worth of advertising space and helping them to get the word out.

Copyright and Disclosure

If you want to use some of our content or images, take a look at our Copyright page.

We work with affiliate partners to promote products and services that are useful to parents. These links are within our editorial. If a post is paid for, it is tagged as sponsored content. Find out more on our Disclosure page.

Our Team

All the Mykidstime Team are parents (which helps as we know the kind of information that other parents want!). Read more about the Mykidstime Team.


Please contact us if you need any information or background or images for Mykidstime.

Company Info

Mykidstime Limited
Registration No: 433713
Registered office: 24 Oran Glen, Oranmore, Co. Galway
Directors: M. Davitt, J. Holtz, J. Rix