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Student smiling exam stress

Stressed Out Students: Here Are 6 Tips To Maintain A Stress-Free Smile During Exams

With exam season upon us, did you know that too much stress can have serious consequences for your oral health? Here are 6 tips...
child studying

How To Motivate A Child To Study Without Forcing Them

Has your child been loath to study and learn? Do you find it hard to motivate them to get started with their studies? Force...
surviving leaving cert

A Parent’s Practical Guide to Surviving Leaving Cert

Is your teen heading into their Leaving Cert years? It can be a very stressful couple of years, particularly the final year, and there...
Teen exam preparation tips - Mykidstime

Exam Preparation Tips: 10 Do’s and 10 Don’ts of Exam Technique

With exam time upon us, now is the time to make sure students give themselves every chance of doing well. These 10 Do's and 10...
teen and mum leaving cert

Download Our Key Dates for Leaving Cert Sheet

Is your teen doing their Leaving Cert? We have put together some of the dates that you need to know about onto one handy...
Avoid Exam Stress

9 Practical Tips For Parents to Help With Exam Stress

Exams are just around the corner for many 2nd level students. As parents we want to help avoid exam stress as much as possible....
School of choice anxious teen

3 Important Study Tips Every Teen Should Know

Many teens fall into the trap of studying for long periods of time but still not getting everything done? But there are tools and techniques...
exam stress

6 Best Ways to Help Avoid Exam Stress

As summer approaches, it becomes a time of exams and tests at school and college. Fiona Ross from gives us some advice and tips...