3 Important Study Tips Every Teen Should Know

Jennifer Buttner


May 30, 2018

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Many teens fall into the trap of studying for long periods of time but still not getting everything done? But there are tools and techniques that can help teens study smarter. Susan from Savvy Teen Academy has 3 Important Study Tips Every Teen Should Know, to ensure that the study they do is super productive.

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At Savvy Teen Academy we have talked to lots of teens over the years about tackling exams and here are 3 important study tips that should help!

#1. Time Management


Start practicing time management as early as you can.

The English Leaving Cert exam is notorious for putting students under pressure – you might feel like you have to write until your hand falls off, or worry you will run out of time before getting to the end of discussing your poet.

However, time management isn’t a star that some lucky people are born under: it’s a skill that can be practiced and perfected.

  • Set yourself a reasonable time limit, using the timer on your phone, to do this evening’s homework and try to beat it.
  • If you found that you needed longer, jot down the reason why:
    – Did your concentration wander?
    – Did you need to look up something you were unsure of?
    – Did you set yourself an impossible task and need to adjust your expectations?
  • Learn from this experience and do it again tomorrow night.

You will be surprised at how quickly you learn to estimate how long individual tasks take and how quickly you can take control of the clock.

BONUS: if you spend an optimum amount of time on study and homework that is more focused, this will leave you with a lot more free time!

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#2. Teachers Are Your Allies

Study Tips Teacher with students

Treat your teachers as your allies, not your enemies.

At the beginning of secondary school, it can feel like your teachers are out to get you: they give you lots of homework and then punish you if it isn’t done.

Now that you’re a young adult, I’m sure you can see that your teachers are simply guiding you optimally through your course, so that you get a little bit closer every day to your best exam result – the one that will open the path you want to take after school.

Teachers have signed up willingly to help you progress and if you take the attitude that they’re on your side, it will make your relationship with them so much easier.

Get as much help as possible from them by asking questions in class. If you don’t understand something, then you have options:

  • One, you can do nothing, and let misunderstandings accumulate until you get that sinking feeling when you look at an exam paper: never mind thinking of an answer – you don’t even understand the question.
  • Two, you can spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure it out on your own.
  • Three, you can cut to the chase and ask questions in class (or after class if you’re worried about others seeing that you don’t know something).

Every time you hesitate to ask a question in class, remember that at least five of your classmates are struggling with exactly the same issue, so go for it.

Believe me, you will get the credit for making a move when others aren’t brave enough to, and they will all be secretly relieved that someone asked that question.

It’s time to leave first year thinking behind!

#3. Look on the Bright Side

Study Tips for Teens

It’s easy to spend time feeling sorry for yourself when you’re looking at your bag full of homework after a tiring day in school, but there are so many things that you have to look forward to!

Take five minutes to write down all those things that you’re grateful for, like:

  • Friends that you get to see every day.
  • Teachers to help you understand new concepts and to speed up the process of learning.
  • Future opportunities in college and work.
  • The week-end when you can lie in.
  • Your favourite TV programme that you watch on a Sunday night.
  • Snapchat/Viber/WhatsApp so that you can send messages to your friends for free.
  • Team sports, where you can catch up with other people and focus on something that isn’t school.

If you adopt a positive perspective on time spent in school and study, life will be so much easier. Instead of thinking of all that you have to do, think of all the things you get to do!

As you look forward to a brand new day, think about all that you have on your side: you’ve got skills and abilities, people who dedicate their career to helping you, and you even have control over your attitude.

It’s called the “growth” mindset and it has been confirmed by research. Adopt a positive mindset that you can tackle all this, and you will!

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Over to you! Do you have any more invaluable study tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

3 important study tips every teen should know

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