14 Adorable Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Kids

Emily Manning

Emily Manning

January 31, 2023

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Demonstrations of love are always the best kind, and these 14 ways to make Valentine’s Day special for kids will make their hearts soar!

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The tradition of Valentine’s Day is to show your love and affection for those around you – and while that is most often for a partner, it is also a fantastic opportunity to show your children just how much you love them.

Create your own traditions, from movies to little love notes, and let the season of love become one of your favourite family memories!

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How to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Kids

Watch a Feel-Good Movie

Valentine's Day movies for kids

Lady and the Tramp, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess Bride…there are so many fantastic choices!

Snuggle up with your little ones and watch one of these utterly heartwarming Valentine’s Day movies for kids. In addition to love and friendship, we’ve got singalong favourites, hilarious antics, mystery and adventure!

Give a Valentine’s Card

Make or buy a card, then write them a message they can look back on and treasure.

Your child will feel so special when you present them with their very own Valentine’s card – and if you mail it for them to receive, even better!

Go On a Date With Mum or Dad

Arrange a date with your child – either a surprise activity or something you’ve decided on between you. A walk on the beach, an ice cream, a trip to the movies, a dinner date at a favourite restaurant…make them feel special with some undivided attention. You could even try a “yes day” which is brilliant, memorable fun!

If you have several children, the need for some one-on-one time with mum and/or dad may be harder to achieve, but just as important. Try a breakfast date, a special dessert with one, a bedtime story with another, and so on.

Make a Special Valentine’s Breakfast

Valentines treats fruit emoji

This is one of the traditions in our house, and a great way to start the day. Breakfast itself can be as ‘fancy’ as you like, or alternatively just a regular breakfast dressed up to feel special!

Set the table the night before with some flair – a vase of flowers, some red/pink decorations, special occasion crockery and glasses, and so on. Consider how you can make even the ordinary feel Valentine-inspired today, just like these fruity Valentine treats that would be perfect for your breakfast table.

Want to make it even more memorable? Try breakfast in bed!

Make a Photo Collage

Pick some of your favourite photos of you both together and create a collage for your child. Talk about all the fun (and funny!) memories those photos remind you of, and pick somewhere special to display your gift.

Read a Favourite Story Together

Does your child have a favourite book? Make some time to sit down and read it together. Even if your child is older and able to read independently, they will still appreciate the time to sit together over something they enjoy. Read a chapter of their current book, or let them read to you.

Valentine's Books for kids lead - MykidstimeIf you’re looking for something significant and seasonal this Valentine’s Day, these Valentine’s books for kids definitely fit the bill!

Make a List of What You Love About Your Child

Kindness, creativity, determination, thoughtfulness, bravery, acceptance, ingenuity, resilience….what traits do you admire most in your child?

Make a list of everything that makes your child so special, and present them with the list to keep. You could do this in a notebook and add to it each year, or frame the list and hang it in their room as a reminder on days when they’re feeling down.

Shout it from the rooftops…You Are Loved!

Leave Little Love Notes

make Valentine's Day special with Valentine Heart Cut Outs - MykidstimePin hearts to your child’s bedroom door or the bathroom mirror to let them know how much you love them!

Just print off these colourful Valentine heart notes and fill in your own message!

Give a Small Gift

A small gift all wrapped up is always exciting! It doesn’t need to be seasonal and Valentine-themed, but something like a book, game, jigsaw, hair accessories, funny socks, or similar would all be well received.

Get Crafty Together!

Valentines and hearts colouring pages

Let your creativity loose on some seasonal Valentine’s crafts. We’ve got lots for you to choose from, including easy Valentine crafts for toddlers and preschoolers or keepsake handprint crafts.

Alternatively, try your hand at fun Valentine and hearts colouring pages – they’re perfect for decorating or giving as a gift to friends and family.

Valentine’s Lunchbox Notes

Valentine lunch box notes

You are guaranteed to make your child’s day when they discover one of these Valentine’s lunchbox notes! We have prepared 14 adorable notes for you to download and print – you can even write your own message on some of them!

Make Them Laugh!

Who doesn’t love a giggle?! These Valentine’s knock knock jokes are perfect for kids, and sure to brighten their day. Have a competition to see who can come up with more love-themed or Valentine’s funnies!

Bake Up a Storm

valentine cookie recipesWhipping up some homemade sweet treats for Valentine’s Day is a great tradition to have with your child.

These Valentine’s cookies are a great starting point if you’re not sure what to bake, or you could try heart-shaped jam tarts and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate brownies which are always popular.

Whether you indulge in them all by yourselves or bake to share, get in the kitchen together and enjoy the process from start to sweet finish!

Give a Keepsake Gift

Create your own Valentine’s tradition with a keepsake gift that your child can treasure. Perhaps each year would follow a theme, such as a charm for a charm bracelet, and it can be something to look forward to each year.

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Have your say! How do you make Valentine’s Day special for your kids? Leave a comment below and let us know – leave a comment below and let us know!

14 Adorable Ways to Make Valentine's Day Special for Kids - Mykidstime

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