30 Easy Spring and Easter Nails You Can Do At Home

Easter nails - Mykidstime

Easter is a time of new, and new nails seems a good place to start! We love these easy ideas for Spring and Easter nails, and the best bit is that they are doable at home so you can give them all a try.

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Bright, breezy and a riot of colour, these Spring-inspired and Easter nails are sure to brighten your day. Go for polka dots, stripes, chevron, ombre or a mix of all. In particular, we love the mix of bunnies, chicks and eggs – and the kids will too.


Once Easter is over, or you fancy a change, skip straight to summer with our round up of fun summer nail ideas. Start planning now and hopefully the sun will make an appearance!

All you need to get started are a variety of nail polish colours, some fine point paintbrushes, nail varnish remover, and a nail art ball tip tool (which is easily found online).

Be sure to let us know in the comments which one is your favourite!

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Ideas for Spring and Easter Nails

Little Chicks

Easter nails from QTplace - Mykidstime
Credit: QTPlace

Easter Bunny

Easter nail from Hannah Weir - Mykidstime
Credit: Hannah Weir

Delicate Blooms

Snack Time

Easter nails from Claire Lofthouse - Mykidstime
Credit: Claire Lofthouse

Muted Mauves

Easter nails from Nails Upon A Time - Mykidstime
Credit: Nails Upon a Time

Spotty Dotty

Easter nails from Copycat claws - Mykidstime
Credit: Copycat Claws

Easter Chick

Easter nails from Cosmetic Cupcake - Mykidstime
Credit: Cosmetic Cupcake

Pastel Clouds

Easter Peeps

Easter nails from g2TheLo - Mykidstime
Credit: g2TheLo

Confetti Nails

Easter nails from Sensationails4u - Mykidstime
Credit: Sensationails4u

Easter Mix

Easter nails from Missjjan - Mykidstime
Credit: Missjjan

Bunny Ears

Spring Flowers

Easter nails from qtplace - Mykidstime
Credit: QTplace

Bunny Bows

Easter nails from Paulina's Passions - Mykidstime
Credit: Paulina’s Passions

Cartoon Bunnies

Easter nails from The Polish List - Mykidstime
Credit: The Polish List

Mini Eggs-Inspired

Credit: Peachy Polish

Pastel Eggs

Hatching Chicks

Easter nails by Fervelia - Mykidstime
Credit: Fervelia

Pastel Polka

Easter nails from Nails by IC - Mykidstime
Credit: Nails by IC

Candy Stripes

Easter nails from elleandish - Mykidstime
Credit: elleandish

Easter Ombre

Seeing Spots

Easter nails from Marce7ina - Mykidstime
Credit: Marce7ina


Easter nails from Nails by Jema - Mykidstime
Credit: Nails by Jema

Ladybug Beauties

Easter nails from Nailed Obsession - Mykidstime
Credit: Nailed Obsession

Speckled Eggs

Bunnies at Play

Easter nail from Banicured - Mykidstime
Credit: Banicured

Spots and Stripes

Easter Nails from So Nailicious - Mykidstime
Credit: So Nailicious

Easter Pastels

Easter nails from Pin Up Atelier - Mykidstime
Credit: Pin Up Atelier

Spring Daisies

And Finally…

Easter nails from Cosmetic Cupcake - Mykidstime
Credit: Cosmetic Cupcake

Which ones are your favourite Easter nails? Leave a comment below and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

Easter nails - Mykidstime

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