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likee app

The Likee App: A Parent’s Guide

Is your tween or teen using the Likee app to create and share videos? I've been looking into this app to find out more,...
apps parents should be aware of

16 Risky Apps Parents Should Be Aware Of (and Why!)

We all use apps on our smart devices, but if you have a tween or a teen who uses any apps it's good to...
yolo app

The YOLO App and Anonymous Messaging: What Parents Need to Know

Is your tween or teen using YOLO? It's a free social media app that allows anonymous questions to be posed through Snapchat. Here's what...
tik tok

TikTok: A Parent’s Guide

Is your tween or teen using the TikTok app? You might have heard or seen them use in the past, but did you...
baby on laptop online safety for kids

Do You Really Know If Your Child Is Safe Online?

Parents, do you really know what your child is doing and viewing online? Do you and they understand the importance of online safety? The...
boy watching tv

Just Arrived on Sky TV: Practical Tools to Help Keep Kids Safe

Letting your kids watch a favourite show on TV while you are busy making dinner or folding laundry can be handy for parents. But...
keep your child safe on youtube

12 Things You Must Do To Help Keep Your Child Safe on YouTube

The recent Momo scare, while it may have turned out to be a hoax, certainly gave pause for thought about what our children are...
child tracker watch

Is Your Child Using a Tracker Watch? Beware! It May Be Hackable

A British security research firm has found that children's tracker watches have weak security and may be easily hacked. If your child is using a...